It was great to hear from Joanne Leighton and the hubby, who wrote to us with this fantastic and hilarious Eriba story!

We are new to owning an Eriba caravan and new to caravaning too. My husband David spent weekends and holidays with his family in a static caravan at Warkworth, Northumberland. I spent my holidays with my Grandparents in a touring caravan in Monifife, Fife.

Herein lies the problem, neither of us had ever owned a caravan before.

We bought Esmerelda, a troll 550GT, and our little Dacia Sandero pulled her home. Poor Esmerelda, if she only knew what was in store for her. We couldn’t wait for our first wee trip away so we booked into Woodlands caravan site in Callendar near the Trossachs. In fact it was only 20 minutes away as we just live outside Stirling in Scotland.

Well we hitched her up and off we went about 1 metre! We hadn’t hitched her up properly so we snapped the safety line. Still we made it and had a lovely time in the Trossachs.

Next time we went to Balmaha on Loch Lomond. A lovely time was had by all once we got there, but we got stuck on the steep hill on the way up to Balmaha. No going up or down, we were stuck.

Nobody could get past us we blocked the road. But out of nowhere a skip driver appeared with a chain and up the hill little Esmerelda shot behind our Dacia Sandero.

David the hubby and Monty the black Labrador loved it all until the midge descended like a giant black cloud to eat both man and dog!

Leaving Loch Lomond behind David the hubby decided he wanted a McDonald’s so we headed to the nearest one in Balloch. I expected him to park up and we’d walk in.

David the hubby decided to ask an attendant if the Eriba Troll would fit. “Ah yes no problem,” he said.

David the hubby sailed into the drive-through forgetting to take a wide swing and … we got stuck, wedged in! No going forwards, no going backwards.

How we got Esmerelda out of the drive-through I’ll never know!

Poor little Esmerelda is waiting to get repaired and David the husband is no longer… driving Esmerelda…

Thank you again to Joanne Leighton and the hubby for sending this story to us!