Paul Brown’s stowaway cat and how this incredible story made it onto the BBC NEWS website, all done in an Eriba Troll purchased from Automotive Leisure!

Title: Vicar’s stowaway cat extends French heatwave holiday!

A cat stowed away in its owners’ caravan, turning their one-week holiday in France into a three-week saga.

Squishy needed a passport and rabies jab after being found under the bed by Leeds couple Jane and Paul Brown.

The regulations meant Squishy had to stay in the caravan for 21 days – during a heatwave.

Ms Brown, a vicar at St Mary’s in Garforth, had to go back to work after a week so her husband stayed behind and gardened to pay their keep.

Squishy, an eight-year-old tortoiseshell, was in the caravan for 24 hours before the Browns heard a miaow during their lunch.

“Squishy was in a storage area under the bed; she came out very pleased to see us but we were thinking, ‘What do we do?'” Rev Brown said.

The Browns phoned their vets in Wetherby and extended their holiday to three weeks at a cost of an extra £500.

Mr Brown took on gardening jobs at a campsite in the Morvan region, near Dijon, in exchange for free accommodation.

“We were really worried about Squishy in the heat so Paul moved her as north as he could, to Le Touquet near Calais,” Ms Brown said. “But the heatwave moved further north, too!”

Squishy and Mr Brown eventually returned home to a warm welcome from the congregation at St Mary’s!

Thanks for sending this story in Paul, and glad you all got home safely!