The Eriba Troll is a popular model of caravan or travel trailer that has been in production since the 1970s. It is manufactured by the German company, Eriba Touring GmbH, which is renowned for producing high-quality, lightweight travel trailers. The Eriba Troll is known for its distinctive egg-shaped design, which not only adds to its unique appearance but also provides a spacious interior for its size.

The Eriba touring caravans started production in 1957. The origin of their design was from an aeronautical engineer, with the idea that if it would fly well it would tow well. Unlike traditional caravans, Eribas are made from a steel skeleton with an aluminium body giving Eribas a very strong yet aerodynamic build. The Eribas were produced in France up until 2009/10 and from 2012 onwards the Eriba factory was relocated to Germany at Hymer’s headquarters. The post-2012 Eriba models boasted some changes (increase in height including entrance door, galvanized skeleton & more aerodynamic roof).

This Eriba is well-equipped for comfortable travel and is highly sought after by caravan enthusiasts. It features a compact kitchen area, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a cosy living area, making it ideal for solo travellers or couples. The interior is stylishly finished, with high-quality furnishings and fixtures, and the egg-shaped design creates a sense of spaciousness that belies the Troll’s compact size. This Eriba model is also built to be highly manoeuvrable, making it easy to tow and park, even in tight spaces. Additionally, it is designed to be lightweight, making it ideal for travel in a variety of terrains and conditions.

Eriba models within the Troll body size include the following:

  • Eriba Troll 530/535
  • Eriba Troll 540/542
  • Eriba Troll 550/552/555
Leisure First: Eriba Troll Model
Leisure First: Eriba Troll Model 2