Eriba owners seeking an optimal outdoor shower experience, take note! Many enthusiasts utilise the pull-out shower head through the bathroom window, but the lack of an external water control feature poses a challenge. Addressing this concern, Leisure First in Poole presents an ingenious solution with a new shower head equipped with an on/off switch, ensuring convenient control of water flow from outside the bathroom.

Watch our video demonstration for a firsthand look at this innovative shower head in action, tested and approved at Leisure First. Not only does it offer the much-needed on/off switch for external control, but users have also reported an increased shower water pressure, enhancing the overall showering experience.

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Leisure First Top Tip: To make this innovative shower head yours, it is currently available for the affordable price of £2.38. Purchase it from the same third-party seller we sourced ours from by following this link:

Upgrade your outdoor showering setup and enjoy enhanced water pressure with this practical solution. Leisure First is dedicated to enhancing your Eriba experience, one Leisure First Top Tip at a time.

Happy touring!