Check out the latest 2024 Eriba Touring Range:

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect holiday. We all have different expectations, aspirations and goals. This is why there is not only one new ERIBA Touring – but as many versions as there are owners. Configure your ERIBA Touring to exactly suit your interests and be guided solely by your own sense of adventure. Choose between the LEGEND and URBAN equipment lines and customise your caravan’s interior and exterior design to your heart’s content. At ERIBA, creativity knows no limits.

Let’s hope to guide you in exploring the benefits of Eriba Caravans:

Room for five people and their dreams In the new ERIBA Touring 630 and 642

Leisure First Eriba Caravans

If you want to discover the big wide world, you need sufficient freedom of movement. The new ERIBA Touring 630 and 642 models not only offer more space and comfort, but also room for five people without sacrificing the Touring’s typical compact charm. The compressor refrigerator, the gas heating with hot water boiler and the optional pop-top roof make the Touring a cosy home, even for a family of five. Enjoy even more room to relax as you explore the world’s most amazing beauty spots.

Bring some colour to your holiday with the new ERIBA Touring Editions.

Exploring the Benefits of Eriba Caravans for 2024

Make your ERIBA Touring as unique as your dream holiday. The new colour editions NUGGET GOLD, TANGO RED and HARBOUR BLUE include an outer panel in different colour variations and attachment parts finished in chrome (Chrome Package), as well as stainless steel bumpers, a stone deflector and alloy rims – for a unique exterior design. A harmonious and modern interior is ensured thanks to the MEMPHIS, TULSA and ORLANDO living room fabrics as well as the TINDARI furniture finish and XL ambient lighting. Let your Touring shine in your favourite colour and watch your travel companions’ eyes light up.

Shine brighter than the sun with the ERIBA Touring Nugget Gold Edition.

Leisure First: Nugget Gold Edition

A combination that embodies golden summer sunshine: the glossy WHITE NUGGET GOLD exterior and the interior with the URBAN equipment line and the TINDARI furniture finish. Colours to light up your holiday – and your eyes.

It turns every motorway into a red carpet. The ERIBA Touring Tango Red Edition.

Leisure First: Tango Red Edition

A Tango that perfectly combines two styles: the glossy WHITE TANGO RED exterior combined with the URBAN interior equipment line – with matching cushions and wardrobe in SIMPLY TAUPE – and the TINDARI furniture finish.

Put your feet up and enjoy some blue-sky thinking with the ERIBA Touring Harbour Blue Edition.

Leisure First: Harbour Blue Edition

Just head off into the blue once again – that’s what a holiday is all about. Discover the perfect combination of the glossy WHITE HARBOUR BLUE exterior with the URBAN interior equipment line and matching wardrobe and cushions in the TINDARI furniture finish.

Hopefully, this has helped you with exploring the benefits of Eriba Caravans for this year! Any questions feel free to reach out to us.