Now that we’ve pulled you in with that intriguing title, we’ve got to deliver 6 solid reasons to give up that all-inclusive escape to the sun, in favour of a good old-fashioned caravan! 

Here goes… 

1: Caravanning is cheaper 
Okay – so buying a caravan isn’t cheaper than your average week long holiday abroad, but once you’ve had a few weekends and weeks away throughout the course of a year you’ve certainly got more bang for your buck! The average cost of a family holiday is around £3,000 – after 3 years of that you could have bought yourself a really nice family tourer which is then an asset. Site fees can vary from around £8 – £30 (and more in some places) per night but you can choose where to go and how much you want to spend. 

2: You can go whenever you want 
You won’t be affected by British Airways strikes or volcanic ash clouds. If your boss gives you a well-earned last-minute weekend off you can simply hitch up the caravan, jump in the car and be on your way. You can holiday at the drop of a hat – caravanning offers flexibility! 

3: There’s plenty to see right here 
You don’t need to travel to the far corners of the Earth to witness beautiful sites and landscapes, we have them, right here in the United Kingdom. Just take a look at the Visit Britain website, it is dedicated to tourism in Great Britain. You might just be surprised what there is on your own doorstep! Places like the Yorkshire Dales and Scotland’s Highlands are just waiting to be discovered by people like you.

4: Holidaying locally helps boost our economy 
It is no secret that in recent years our country has really struggled through the economic downturn. But with more and more people opting for the so-called “staycation” it can only be good for our economy. 

5: Caravanning is very sociable 
If you are the type who likes to get out and meet new people and make new friends then caravanning is an excellent way to do it. Life long friends can be made on caravan sites. People, after years of caravanning, have become apart of a group of regular caravanners who haunt sites together. In short, it is a fantastic way to bring people together. 

6. Brings families together 
For families, it is a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with one another. With none of the usual distractions like Xbox’s and TV shows you can enjoy family walks, cycle rides or a good old game of Monopoly!

So there we have it…. 6 solid reasons to buy a caravan and leave those package holidays alone.