Julie and Linda

Eriba Feedback (Julie & Linda) [3]

Our latest story is from Julie and Linda Preston!

“Hi, we are Julie and Linda and we are the proud owners of a very cute Puck called Sunny!

We called him Sunny because he has a sunshine yellow strip. After all the help from Cameron to choose him , we were overwhelmed and brought to tears at how lovely he was presented on the day that we picked him up, a very special moment.

Sunny was an early semi-retirement present for Linda and I following some work life balance decisions and the realisation that you need to enjoy life whilst you can and are able to do so.

We have just returned from our travels along the west coast of France with Sunny and have had the most amazing time.

On our trip to France, Sunny has gained many admirers. People on the ferry stopping us and asking to have a look inside, also when travelling around France being waved at and tooted at as we were driving along !

I would like to share 2 photos with you taken in France…. the first photo is the lovely view that you get when you first open your eyes in the morning through the pop top…..the feeling of freedom and tranquility whilst you plan your day ahead and of course before you get up to pop the kettle on… 

The second photo is at the end of the day… that warm glow as you settle down for the night, in your cosy van!

Eriba Feedback (Julie & Linda) [4]

It was a great decision to welcome Sunny into our life and we look forward to many more adventures in Sunny in the future.”

Thanks Julie and Linda!