TIPS: 12 essential tips for Eriba winter storage

Tips: 12 essential tips for Eriba winter storage

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So, here’s some tips on storing your Eriba this winter, put together by our expert team in Bournemouth!

  1. Insert small headed, long zip-ties into the gutter rail drain holes, ensuring the gutters are clear of debris at all times. This will encourage drips to run down the zip-ties and fall directly to the floor missing the side panels, preventing the worst of the black streaks. Also a great tip for pro-longed holiday use to keep the Eriba looking tip-top throughout.
  2. Always store an Eriba jockey wheel end highest, this will force rain water towards and off the rear, meaning any potential black streaking will be confined to the rear end, and standing water in the gutters will only be at the rear, so maintaining clear gutters is less work!
  3. Store all seat cushions at least 5cm away from interior walls. This will prevent condensation soaking into seat covers and allow the air temperature to be the same between the main habitation area and under seat storage areas, which normally suffer worst with condensation build up.
  4. Disconnect the negative terminal (Blue) to the leisure battery to prevent discharge whilst in storage mode.
  5. Before disconnecting the leisure battery, run all taps dry, and after disconnecting the battery, place taps to the open position to prevent frost damage to taps. The same applies to any hot water boilers fitted with “drain-off valves” in pipe work running nearby, leave them open to drain.
  6. Spare wheels would benefit from being dropped from their cradles to reduce continual pressure to the lower sidewall when in storage mode, this will also encourage good maintenance of the spare wheel lock and cradle.
  7. Be sure any items stored inside on the floor are not likely to colour-run, (especially rusty rimmed spare wheels that can leave rust circles permanently in a nice white floor).
  8. Ensure no food, or traces of food are in lower lockers or under seats. This to avoid incentivising hungry vermin attempting to gnaw away at “drop-out vents” and make themselves at home.
  9. If it is not possible to raise the tyres off of the ground whilst on long storage periods, then mark the floor next to one tyre, and every month roll the Eriba forwards or backwards enough to relax any tyre flat spots created from standing in one place. Try to avoid going back and forth to the same places each month, at least two months rest between contact with floor would be good.
  10. Additional protection placed over external extrusions such as the chimney exhaust for example will pro-long the life of our storage covers, obviously it is essential these are removed with the cover every time.
  11. All liquids should be removed to prevent frost damage, including canned/bottled drinks etc.
  12. Thetford cassette toilets should be emptied, along with the flush reservoir if fitted.

That’s it for now…thanks for reading, and feel free to share!

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