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Q&A with a Tesla Model X Owner

We recently announced an exclusive Q&A with Philip Barnwell, who has successfully partnered his all-electric Tesla with his Eriba, enjoying trips around the UK in great style. Of course, there are multiple insights that can be learned from Phillip’s experience, and we’re thrilled that he has taken the time to answer a few questions posed […]

Coronavirus: Things to do in your caravan while on lockdown Facetime Dinner

Easter would normally see thousands of people heading off with their caravans or motorhomes to enjoy a spring break in a national park, or along the coast. But with sites across the UK currently closed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus what other uses have people found for their wobbly homes on wheels? Some […]

Paul Brown’s stowaway cat!

Eriba Puck Familia Triton Troll indoor showroom based only in Bournemouth

Paul Brown’s incredible story made it onto the BBC NEWS website, all done in an Eriba Troll purchased from Automotive Leisure! Title: Vicar’s stowaway cat extends French heatwave holiday! A cat stowed away in its owners’ caravan, turning their one-week holiday in France into a three-week saga. Squishy needed a passport and rabies jab after […]

Joanne Leighton and the hubby!

Eriba Feedback (Joanne Leighton and the hubby)

It was great to hear from Joanne, who wrote to us with this fantastic and hilarious Eriba story! We are new to owning an Eriba caravan and new to caravaning too. My husband David spent weekends and holidays with his family in a static caravan at Warkworth, Northumberland. I spent my holidays with my Grandparents […]

Dennis & Mary

Eriba Feedback (Dennis & Mary)

It was great to hear from Dennis and Mary, a lovely couple that recently purchased an Eriba Envy from our Automotive Leisure showroom in Bournemouth… “After years of suffering from “Eriba Envy” when camping, yesterday we picked up our first caravan ever, a gorgeous Eriba Troll 540 from Automotive Leisure. The advice and service provided […]